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February 23, 2011


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What a lovely, relaxing site ... I've been to all parts of Crete many times; my Cretan grandfather was what today we would call a war lord (oplarhigos) who liberated the island of Hios from Ottoman Turkish forces in 1912 ... I loved your site because less is more ... the images were few and calming, pleasing to the eye and didn't attempt to overdo it; your descriptions were straight forward and fun to read.

In an age where we try and make everything so complicated (Cretan history for example ranges from the Minoans to the Myceneans to the Dorians to the Romans to the Byzantines to the Arabs to the Venetians to the Ottomans to the Great Powers to independence to union with Greece and then the German invasion) it's refreshing to get good images and good descriptions that calm the soul.

Let's please have more!

Katie - Coco Målé

this looks lovely, I'm Greek (from Athens, living in London) but never been to Chania...

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